Universal Bearing modified Grey CHM for 500, 600, & 700 Roomba models


Pictured here is the new ball bearing modified Grey CHM that has had the two sealed ball bearings installed to prevent the entry of debris into the brush gear assembly.


This Cleaning Head Module is complete and there is nothing else to buy.  It has a complete brush deck with new brushes installed as well.


This modified Universal Cleaning Head Module is now offered for $139 plus $8.80 USPS postage and $20.67 International USPS. 




Shipping fees

New 700 CHM Brush set for your 500, 600 and 700 Roomba

Offered here is a brand new set of cleaning brushes for the 700 Grey CHM that will fit into the 500 model CHMs (Red, Black, and Green).  The 700 brush set comes with the newly designed yellow end-caps with the bronze bushings.  This new design may prevent the brush ends with the caps from building up debris and should be easier to clean.



700 brush pair

You can order a 700 brush set for your 500, 600, & 700 CHM for $30 plus $8 USPS shipping.  Just send a paypal payment of $38 to this email: e_vickery@bellsouth.net

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