Complete 2 Sealed Ball Bearing Set for the Black CHM

The stock Black CHM was manufactured by iRobot with two shielded ball bearings inside to help prevent the entry of dust and debris into the brush gear assembly.  After some use, the two bearings themselves become full of dust and debris that prevents the brushes from turning.  This causes the Roomba to complain with the "Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes" error.  I offer a solution to that issue by providing you two Sealed ball bearings to replace the inferior shielded bearings that came with your Black CHM.  This solution is available for just $40 plus $3 USPS shipping.  Just paypal $43 to




And last but not least, here is an additional offer:

One brand new Black CHM with the two inferior shielded ball bearings replaced with Sealed ball bearings.  This new Black CHM can be yours for $170 plus $8 USPS shipping.  Just paypal the $178 to my email using paypal here:


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