Hacking Roomba Hardware/Software

Here is a YouTube video Showing a Hacked iRobot Create that I added a 6 servo arm and claw to

The video shows that the Roomba encounters a doggie toy and calls the Create to come and remove the toy so the Roomba can continue to clean

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating a modified Dirt Dog being controlled by an Android app designed and built using only the EZ-B software and controller from EZ-Robot.com

Limited time offer, only (4) available iRobot RS232 (DB9 pin) to 7 pin mini din comm cable for the Roomba and Scooba

RS232-DB9 to 7pin mini din comm cable

To order this RS232 comm cable just send a paypal payment of $65 including USPS USA shipping to this email: e_vickery@bellsouth(Dot)net and mention you are ordering the RS232 comm cable

Hardware to add WiFi to your Roomba

Here is a great gathering of hardware components to allow you to add WiFi access to your Roomba or 3XX - 5XXX Scooba.  The kit contains a 7-pin mini din connector, a dc to dc switching regulator (3.3vdc), a toggle off/on SPST switch, a push button NO switch, and a WiFi module.


Once all connections and provisioning of the WiFi webpage have been completed you will have the ability to monitor you iRobot robot for looking at the Built in Test results as well as the charging reports without a cable between you and your PC.


Also you can send commands to any Roomba model with the Open Interface software installed.  If you want to order this kit send me a message using the Contact Me page at the bottom of this site.

Here's a YouTube video showing how to perform the Built in Tests on a Roomba Disco 4210


The latest iRobot Scooba 450 has the same Open Interface as all the Roomba models have.  There are a few less commands but most commands will work.  The "Clean" command works and after a cleaning session is done and you empty the dirty tank and fill the clean tank again if you send the Clean command again your Scooba starts another run without complaining about "Please charge my battery".

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