Here are the new iRobot Mint models

Mint models now renamed iRobot Braava

Both models pictured above come with their own power supply, battery pack and some cleaning cloths that are washable.  I learned quickly that it is much easier to use either dry or wet Swiffer sweeper pads to clean the floor and then just toss in the trash.  Both models come with a Navigation Cube that guides each robot during a room cleaning, (nice).  The Mint 5200 has been rebranded as the iRobot Braava 380t floor mopping robot.  The Mint 4200 has been rebranded as the Braava 320.


Both models have an on button and then two different cleaning buttons.  One button is the regular sweep button that will send the Mint on a cleaning cycle and it will drive in straight lines to clean the area.  The other button tells the Mint to mop the area as it travels.  That choice is fun to watch since it starts straight then goes forward left then back and forward right. There are bump sensors that help it to move around table legs and other obstacles.  The 5200 comes with an additional cleaning pad module that holds additional cleaning liquid.  


Strangely, both models have different battery pack connectors and power supplies so that they cannot be swapped between models.    

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