Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes

Under normal circumstances when your Roomba complains with the "Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes" the firmware progam that monitors the amount of power consumed by the brush motor has detected an excessive amount of power is being used and shuts the Roomba down and makes that announcement.  In a lot of cases this is due to the brushes being dirty or the end caps (Yellow Plastic) on the large brush are too tight on the brush housing.  Another condition is the buildup of debris inside the very small yellow bushings (one on each brush).  Always remove the brushes and the yellow bushings and clean them after every cleaning cycle.  This will lead to a long life for your Roomba and the Cleaning Head Module.

Inside the brush gear assembly

Now once you have inspected and cleaned the brushes and you are still receiving the message, "Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes" there is one more major reason.  Due to the basic design of the Cleaning Head Module, (CHM) dust and debris can enter into the brush motor gear assembly and cause the motor to expend a lot of energy trying to turn the brushes.  This condition causes the same error condition as dirty brushes but cannot be resolved by cleaning just the brushes.  Now you must dis-assemble your CHM, remove the brush gear assembly access plate and clean out the built up debris.

The best solution is called a Ball Bearing Modification to your CHM

Warning....These ball bearing sets will not just fit into the brush deck gears.  There are modifications that MUST be accomplished to both the gears and the gear openings so that the ball bearings will fit.  If you do not have the tools or don't want to do the work, then do not order just the 2 bearing sets, they will not fit !


There are a few choices that one can make at this point.  You can order the "Standard" 2 Sealed Ball bearing set and do your own mod.  You can send your CHM in for the ball bearing mod, or you can purchase a CHM with the mod already done.  The first picture set you see is for either the "Standard" 2 ball bearing set that can be ordered for $25 including USPS shipping.   Just paypal to this address:

You can send your CHM here and have it modified:


Ed Vickery

730 Amy Ln

Haughton, LA



Just send a paypal for $100 to on the same day that you ship the CHM.

It’s finally happened folks. iRobot has discontinued manufacture of their Green CHM for the 500 & 600 model Roombas.


In the early days of the 500 model Roomba it came with the Red Cleaning Head Module which had a major flaw that allowed the entry of hair and other debris into the brush gear assembly. That resulted in frustration for many Roomba owners that heard the now famous “Please inspect and clean Roombas brushes”. That flaw resulted into a mini market of some folks offering a resolution to that flaw by offering a CHM utilizing ball bearings. It was a learning curve for both iRobot and folks like myself that eventually led to the introduction of the Black CHM from iRobot and the earlier Red CHM with the first ball bearing mod consisting of “Shielded ball bearings”. Of course failures continued to occur due to dust entering into the ball bearing race and causing the balls to freeze up and cause the ERR 2, Please inspect and clean Roombas brushes. iRobots solution to this was to introduce us once again to another CHM design that is referred to as the Green CHM. No ball bearings at all in this CHM so everyone was back to square one with getting the ERR 2 and Please inspect messages again.


Two things to help 500 model Roomba owners came about. First, a new mod to the Black CHM that consisted of pushing out the poor performing shielded ball bearings and replacing them with better Sealed ball bearings fixed the bearing lock-up. Second the Red and the Green CHMs were modified with newer Sealed Ball bearings that resulted in a better performing CHM.


Now there is only ONE CHM presented to the public to install into your 500, 600, and 700 model Roombas. It is referred to as the Grey CHM and is really a major improvement to the original design flaw of debris entering the brush gear assembly.


Don’t get me wrong here, it’s an improvement to the earlier designs but does not entirely prevent debris entry into the CHM. It does slow it down but does not stop it from happening. There is still a solution and I happen to offer it here. It consists of the installation of 2 sealed ball bearings that once again will prevent the entry of debris into the brush gear assembly.


 To order a complete ball bearing modified Grey CHM including the cleaning brushes for $100 and $8 USPS shipping.  Make a paypal for $108 to:


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