My Neato won't wake up

There is a condition that can develope in the Neato that will prevent the Neato from displaying anything on the LCD screen and no response when a button is pressed. 


The only thing that may be visible is a dim green ring around the Start button.


In the past some owners were able to wake up their Neatos by connecting the Neato to their PC using a USB to Mini USB cable.  Over time this procedure would no longer work.


It has been discovered that the C-10 capacitor on the main circuit board is what's causing this event.  The capacitor is a 100 uF 25 VDC unit that can be replaced with a better capacitor that is a 220 uF 35 VDC unit.



Solder Flux and Solder used to remove and install your capacitor

Once the defective capacitor C-10 has been removed, the replacement capacitor can be soldered in its place.  The two leads must be bent slightly so that they can be inserted into the pre-drilled holes that the old capacitor occupied.


You can order one of these replacement capacitors (220 uF, 35 VDC) by sending me a paypal payment to


Total fees including USA USPS shipping wil be $6.00





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