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Front bumper replacement screw set

Here is a nice little 10 screw replacement set for the front bumper of your Neato XV-11 robot.  This set consists of 9 flat head phillips black oxide 1/2 inch long screws and one 3/8 inch flat head phillips black oxide  screw.  The complete set is just $10 plus $3.00 USPS shipping.


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Ball bearing replacement for the brass beater brush bushing

Here is a solution to the missing brass bushing used on the beater brush of your Neato.  A small amount of tooling will be required for proper mounting of the ball bearing into the brass bushing holder.  You can order a set of sealed bearings to install into the orange rubber end caps on each end of the stock beater brush.  Just send a paypal payment of $15 plus $1.75 USPS shipping to and mention what you are buying.


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Diagnostic & Control Program for the Neato

Zip file "Neato Control
This is a neat little program that will display in real time different analog and digital sensors as well as generate a small image from the LIDAR system. This program was provided to members of the robotreviews website by member heX.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.0 MB]

Testing your LIDAR outside of the Neato using the GetSurreal controller

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