Neato Botvac

The new Botvac presents a complete new design inside and out.  Gone is the dual battery packs as well as poor performance and short run times.  The new Botvac sports a single battery pack built from 10 sub-c cells and is a 12 volt 3600 single pack.



Other design changes include a sealed brush motor (no more hair in the brush belt) that is completely enclosed.  The Botvac is a larger robot than the previous Neato models.  Everything is larger including the brush length, as well as a much larger dirt bin.

Something that has already developed as a potential issue is that the new brush design includes a shielded ball bearing on one end of the cleaning brush.  When dust enters into the bearing it prevents the small balls of the bearing from rolling smoothly.  This then causes the robot to stop with the error "My Brush is stuck".  The good news is that this particular fault can be easily resolved by replacing the inferior shielded ball bearing with a much better Sealed ball bearing.

Sealed ball bearing replacement

If you want to keep your Botvac from getting this error you can order an exact replacement Sealed ball bearing by clicking the Buy Now button below.  USPS postage has gone up so you will be charged $3 for the Sealed ball bearing plus $3 Domestic postage.

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