Botvac Connected ribbon cable repair kit

Some owners of the Botvac Connected D3 through D7 models have reported portions of the 20 pin ribbon cable appear to show brown or burned areas of the ribbon cable traces.  This is noticed right after searching for causes of the Lidar failing with an ERR 3000 (vision blocked) and discover the Lidar has stopped spinning.  After replacing the Lidar motor, the problem is still evident.  The reason the motor is not spinning the Lidar is due to the 20 pin ribbon cable showing burned traces preventing the dc power to reach the motor.


Offered here is a solution.  A repair kit consisting of three components ( 7 & 3/4 inch ribbon cable), ( 7 inch ribbon cable) and a (20 pin splice circuit board)  All three components are available for $17 plus $3 shipping.


Also each component can be ordered for $7 each and $3 shipping.





Complete 15" 20 pin ribbon cable w/splice

7-3/4" 20 pin ribbon cable

7" 20 pin ribbon cable

20 pin ribbon cable splice board

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