Why Does my 500 Roomba only run at Half Speed ?

Pictured above is the front bumper from a model 500 Roomba.  The discussion about why your 500 Roomba is going slower than normal can also be applied to a 600 and 700 model Roomba as well.  The bumper is resting upon a sensor array that normally sits just behind the front bumper and the sensors look out through the dark opaque plastic lenses.  These sensors perform a very useful function by slowing down the forward speed when an object is detected in front of the robots bumper.  Over time the sensors that are wrapped around the inside of the front bumper become blocked with dust and other debris.  When that happens the sensors send a signal to the Micro Control Unit to slow down the robot.  The problem then becomes apparent since the robot continues to run at half speed ALL the time, not just when approaching an object.  The fix is to flip the robot upsidedown, remove the (10) phillips head screws attached to the bumper retainer, lift it away, raise the main bumper up and away from the robot body and then wipe the debris off of the sensor array.  Now replace the bumper, install the (10) screws into the bumper retainer, flip it back over and you're good to go. 

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