4XX, 4XXX Roomba OSMO Hacker, Roomba OSMO Circle Dance, 5XX OSMO Auto Virtual Wall patch, and Scooba OSMO charging patch

 Available for flashing only not for sale are three different OSMO devices for some models of the Roomba.


I'm changing the procedure for flashing the Roomba firmware using the OSMO Hacker.  You can mail your Roomba to my shop:

Ed Vickery
730 Amy Ln
Haughton, LA 71037-4902

Just remove the dust bin and the battery to lighten the load.  Then either send a paypal (using this same email) or check for $15 for each Roomba that you want flashed, made out to Ed Vickery when you ship your Roomba.  There will be a 2 day turnaround.  You will also be responsible for paying return shipping so don't forget to include the return shipping cost with either type of payment you choose.


This same process is now available for early 5XX Roombas that need to add the voice error messages, improve battery life, and add the ability to work with newer Auto on virtual walls.


Also there is this same procedure to have your Scooba 5900 flashed to help improve battery life.

This website is updating all Paypal orders to Domestic shipping only.


No International Shipping !

vic7767s website is up and running

2021 is here.  Enjoy it now.  Buy something, have fun!