9 Beep Error also known as the circle of death on the 500 model Roomba

How to test your bumper sensor

You can verify that your bumper sensor is defective by one of two methods.  First you can dis-assemble your Roomba to access the two bumper sensors and once they are removed from the outer black plastic container you can power up the Roomba by pressing the Clean button just once and then use a digital camera to verify the IR emitter beam is on.  It should appear just like the picture above.  If not then you have a defective component.  You can also test the bumper sensors by placing your Roomba into the Built in Test mode and follow the instructions of the model 500 Service Manual.  That manual can be requested by sending me a message through the "Contact me" page


I also have the 4XX and 4XXX Service manual as well as the Scooba Service manual.

Have you seen your Roomba sort of run ok until it hits something and then it starts backing up, possibly going in circles and then stops and beeps 9 times ?  If so your Roomba is telling you that it has issues with one or both bumper sensors.  There is one bumper sensor located on each side of the front bumper.  The sensor cover is well designed so that dust and debris have a very difficult time entering the sensor assembly.  The issue that developes after cleaning the bumper and possibly even removing the bumper for further inspection is that the InfraRed emitter diode has failed and no longer works.  When this happens the IR receiver diode no longer detects the IR beam and reports the error as a bumper error.

Bumper Sensor Solutions

I offer five solutions to a defective bumper sensor.  I have modified cliff and bumper sensor arrays that you can purchase and install yourself.  Just send $98 to this paypal: e_vickery@bellsouth.net


I offer a repair process where you disassemble your Roomba by removing the bottom plate, battery, CHM, both drive motors, the dust bin, and the side brush motor then pack and ship your Roomba to:


Ed Vickery

730 Amy Ln

Haughton, LA



When you ship your Roomba also send a paypal of $108 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net  It takes about a 3 day turn around prior to the Roomba shipping back via USPS.


I offer just the two components so that you can do your own repair.  You would need to order two sets in order to repair/replace the two components presently installed in your Roombas bumper sensor assembly.  Each set can be ordered for $8.00 per set.  Plus $1.00 shipping.  Send your paypal payment to the same email as above, include your mailing address and what you are ordering.

Also available is just the Printed Circuit Board with upgraded IR emitters and detectors.  Each PCB is $20 plus $2 USPS shipping.  Paypal to: e_vickery@bellsouth.net

I now offer one more option to resolve your 9 beep error.  Remove the sensor wiring harness from your Roomba, mail it to me and I'll make the modification to both bumper sensors for $88 including USPS return shipping.  Just paypal $88 to my email address and mention you are shipping the bumper/cliff sensor harness.

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