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The Best Brush cleaning set for your 500, 600, or 700 Roomba

Cleaning the brushes after the Roomba has finished a cleaning mission can be made just a bit easier by installing this unique set of brushes.  The rubber brush has been modified to allow for hair and other debris to be easily slid right off either end of the brush.  The bristle brush comes from the earlier Dirt Dog robot and  has just a small mod performed on it so that it can  be cleaned very easily.  This unique set of cleaning brushes is being offered for $30 plus $2.50 USPS shipping.  If you want a cleaning brush set like no other just paypal $32.50 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net


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Roomba 5XX, 6XX and 7XX model Sidebrush Mod

Tired of lifting that side brush off and seeing a bunch of hair and other debris gathered around the sidebrush shaft ?  Here's a mod that will block all that junk from being able to enter into the internal gear assemby. You can obtain a complete brush motor with the sealed ball bearing mod for $30 plus $5 USPS shipping.  Just paypal me $35 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net 
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Foam circle Inserts

For those owners with the Red CHM that want to add a little debris protection for the brush motor in their CHM here are some OEM Foam inserts that can be installed to help in that endeavor.  They can be yours for $3 each including USPS shipping by using paypal to this email: e_vickery@BellSouth.net


You might even consider replacing your existing foam insert on the Green and Black CHMs if they are worn.


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CHM and Brush Deck Thrust Washers

Installed iInside the CHM are two Thrust Washers.  One washer is installed on the small rubber brush gear and the other one is installed on the large brush gear.  These washers help prevent heat damage to the brush gear case cover and may also prevent cracks in the cover.  Earlier model Roombas can also benefit from the installation of these thrust washers. 


I offer these thrust washers in sets of two.  You can order the OEM version or you can get a nylon version that is just a little thicker for Roombas with a lot of run time.  I also offer a Stainless Steel version if you prefer.  These sets are $3 a pair including USPS shipping.  I accept paypal at e_vickery@BellSouth.net just let me know which style you prefer.

Bottom plate Enhancement

Be kind to your Roomba, enhance the bottom plate by installing Nylon thumb screws to replace those mean metal phillips head screws that wind up breaking the mounting plate that they are mounted in.  I offer a complete set of 4 Nylon thumb screws that eliminate the need for a phillips head driver.  Now all you need is your hand to install or remove the bottom plate, These thumbscrews are just $5 for a set of 4 plus $1.50 shipping (I have to use a bubble pack mailer)  Just paypal $6.50 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net and mntion what your are purchasing.

RF Lighthouse / Virtual Wall - LI-ion powered

Offered here is a Roomba model 500/600 RF Lighthouse / Virtual Wall accessory.  This one has been modified to operate under LI-ion battery power.  An Off/On switch has been added as well as a charging jack to charge the 2100 mAH 3.6 volt battery pack contained inside.  This accessory is available for $80 plus $5 USPS shipping.


When the LH/VW is powered on it will bond with the first RF equipped Roomba that starts a cleaning mission.


The modified Lighthouse / virtual wall is $70 plus $5.00 USPS shipping just send a paypal payment of $85 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net.

RF Wireless Command Center

Offered here is the Wireless Command Center to send schedules and also remotely control your RF equipped Roombas like the 535, 570 and 580.


What is just a bit unique is that this particular WCC has been modified to run on Lithium Ion battery power and is equipped with both an On/Off switch as well as a charging jack.  Although not pictured here, a small DC charger is included to charge the internal LI-ion battery cells inside the WCC.


You can get one of these modded WCCs for $80 plus $5 USPS shipping.  Just paypal $85 to e_vickery@bellsouth.net

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